When we do any error it called mistake. A little mistake can make a big deal.Al Franken says "Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from."

Everyone is talking about the management of documents in those days. And while you may know that one way to save paper and electronic documents and cannot think of what document management - especially Web-based - can be your day to day tasks easier to take.

Consider five errors, you can be sure to avoid when you add a document management system online to your technology toolbox.


Loss of a document that can be rebuilt. Have you ever had an electronic document that was on your computer? It was damaged or I accidentally saved over it and lose a file or two - and usually at a critical time. By storing documents in a document management system based Web, you are without risk of human error or computer failure. Any paper document scanned into the system permanently, it trapped, even if the hard disk fails, the team will be able to access on their documents.


Loss of a document that is created is not new. This is bad. Especially if the document you need is required for a trial or follow the retention periods for the industry guidelines. If your company gets into a dispute, there is a good probability that there is some sort of discovery process, which is requested, all documents relevant to the production of relevant issues are. In recent years, courts have allowed plaintiffs to those fundamental requirements of companies called fishing expeditions. "It's not just the Fortune 100 companies that have this problem.

It is extremely important that the corporate documents to be easily and quickly accessible. This is a good reason why all your paper documents must be in electronic format and in searchable format, either PDF or TIF search. The way is through the establishment of procedures for the identification of important documents and conversion to electronic search, using scanners and document management software like Content Central browser based document management software that provides what matters most to you: Access, Swiftness and Security.


Presentation of a document. There is nothing more frustrating than submitting a paper file folder wrong. Especially, when a client asks you a question on the phone with his contract, but can't find it anywhere. With a document management system must be able to do a keyword search on any document typed in your online file cabinet, so even if you accidentally bad the label of a document can still be found.


Not have the latest copy of a document. Sometimes a word makes all the difference in the world. They want to be sure to have the final version of a contract or purchase agreement in its possession. Routes should be used with document management systems audit date and time, to show when a document was received and by whom. You can always tell which version was the final document.


Unauthorized access to confidential records. For example, if you have a professional and you have kept salary information in file cabinets in his office, there is the possibility that someone in (or draw only break open the drawer, if not lock your cabinets all time) and see how long Susie in accounting. Or, if you work in an office and store confidential information on their patients (social security number, date of birth and credit card number), a disgruntled employee could have a great day with what they find in their charters space . With document management can restrict the documents that users can and can't see in your electronic filing cabinet.

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