WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.4 has been released. We added an awesome feature with this update. Now you can give your site users an awesome user dashboard form where they will able to see some recommended downloads, their download history and stats. Also we have fixed 6 issues found with previous version.

What is new with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.4:

Fixed individual download issue
Fixed base name issue for non-ascii file names
Fixed issues with docx preview
Fixed issue with file size calculation for dir attachment
Fixed issued with template tag [file_list_extended]
Fixed issues with Linkedin app id settings
Added pause option with play button
Added new short-codes wpm_package_count and wpdm_download_count
Added New Short-code wpdm_user_dashboard for User Dashboard
Added Download History Page
Redesigned all link templates
Global option for single file download
Global option for zip cache in multi-file package
Package option for zip cache
Added new option to enable/disable pagination & search option for file list in a package

If you still using old version of WordPress Download Manager Pro, we strongly recommend you to update your copy ASAP, as always, you can get the latest version from Premium Download Area .