Before WordPress & modern apps, the process of building a site with a CMS took months to make & cost company owners thousands of dollars. Typically, an organization had to engage the services of a web developer, programmer, & designer to create an execution tool from scratch for the client to be able to update their website.

Today there are a some of great open-source (free) web applications such as, Drupal, Joomla, and even do-it-yourself website builders like (the non-self hosted version of WordPress), WIX, and Squarespace. None of these other services are necessarily wrong, but we do recommend only one service.

Why do we support WordPress?

In our experience, it’s all about keeping things simple. We have found that for our clients WordPress is so easy to install and simple to use that they are always satisfied. WordPress was created as a blogging platform, and it is still an excellent tool for creating blog sites today. Wordpress has evolved into higher than just a tool for bloggers. It allows you to create any website. The great thing is even if you don’t want to blog right away, it’s simple to add a blog to your site later on.

As a company owner or website manager for the business, you may be wondering what WordPress can do for you & why you should reconsider using it.

We’re big aficionadi of WordPress here at MIND. Although every industry is different, we have yet to discover a more comprehensive, or better-suited, policies for our clients than WordPress.

It’s easy to use, It’s free & it’s adaptable. Need we go on?

Okay, so we probably need to answer a bit more. But thoughtfully, we do highly advocate our clients using WordPress — when the CMS is the best fit — for these reasons & more.

To update a custom website, there are many costs associated:

  • Design
  • Photography
  • Development
  • Copywriting
  • Hosting fees
  • Internal staff hours
  • Domain purchase

To add another cost for cms might be the tipping case that takes a company out of the funds necessary for a website overhaul. It might also be a driving power in organizations making agreements on budgets for layout, copywriting, or snap shooting, leading to a site that doesn’t quite meet their needs, lacks the proper user activity, is lackluster related to their competition, or concerns their brand cohesiveness or value.

Not Going to Lie, It Makes Things Better for Us Too

WordPress is an available, open-source CMS with a stellar reputation. It is entirely customizable, so there is no need to worry about a site looking like everyone else’s. Then there’s the fact that it has extensive support for plugins and widgets giving a website even more functionality. Combine that with an easy learning curve for new users, and it’s hard to contemplate looking into purchasing a CMS.

Here are ten big reasons why we value WordPress:

1. WordPress is a versatile & customizable CMS.

When it comes to a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is one of the most versatile & customizable. Present your service pages the way you want to, add a blog, create a photo & video gallery, offer visitors an interactive learning center, & more – the possibilities are endless.

With good designers & developers on your side, you can get a WordPress-powered website that truly represents your business & is customized to fit your specific needs.

2. Our clients can take more ownership of their website & manage it easier with WordPress.

When customers come to us with website troubles, one of the biggest complaints is that their website is difficult to control. They find themselves stuck with the website they received & unable to make changes or post updates without the help of a developer.

That’s a frustrating situation!

It’s your website; it should apply to you – no strings attached.

You shouldn’t have to have a network science degree & 3+ years of development experience to make a small change on your website.

WordPress has a user-friendly, easy-to-use administration portal. With WordPress on your side, you’ll be able to maintain more ownership over your site & make many adjustments to content on your own.

Plus, with the modest changes out of the way, the developers you’re operating with will have more time to help you with other updates. Your business will continue to grow, & your website should become with it.

With WordPress on your side, & a partner interested in doing what’s right for your business, your website will continue to evolve & grow with you.

3. Sites built on WordPress tend to have lower setup & maintenance costs.

Because WordPress is easy to use & handle, it also tends to have more economical installation & maintenance costs associated with it.

This is not to say that WordPress websites are cheap.

Compared to costs associated with other platforms, a site developed on WordPress can cost less, but a lot goes into a site’s price. The functions that will need to be developed into the web, the level of customization required, & several other factors all affect a site’s cost.

A website built on WordPress will tend to cost less initially. They also provide more savings over time compared to what the same location would cost if it were constructed on a separate platform.

4. WordPress has all the appliances to be SEO friendly.

Compared to other platforms, & depending on how it’s set up, WordPress is relatively SEO friendly & responsive out of the box. It’s not perfect, but you’re certainly starting on a much better foundation than many other platforms.

Plus, there are several WordPress plugins to help you ensure your website & its content is as friendly to users – & search engines – as feasible. Our particular favorite is Yoast SEO.
5. With WordPress, you can easily combine with almost any service or application.

Nearly 80 million webs are currently powered by WordPress. With a platform, this modern, integration with your other services or applications tends to be easier than with other platforms.

This means you can indeed make your website the hub for your marketing online. You can blend your email marketing service, secure into your social media profiles, connect your website forms to your Customer/Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system, & more.

With WordPress backing you up, your site will not be a separate entity from the rest of your business activities. Instead, it will be an integral part of how your business functions, & also how it succeeds.

6. As an open source policies, WordPress is always improving.

WordPress is an open-source platform. This means it has a large community of designers & developers who are inspired & motivated to make it better continually.

With technology emerging, it is imperative that your website platform evolves to keep up with the changes.

WordPress does that.

7. A great WordPress community means there are tons of useful resources.

Another advantage of a popular open-source platform is the huge community that comes with it. In addition to tons of improvements, you also have access to even more useful resources.

So, if you find yourself stuck & need to troubleshoot, there are plenty of articles, guides, tutorials, & people to help you out.

8. Safety & security features are built into WordPress.

Safety & security on the internet is a dangerous undertaking. A lifetime of solid security decisions can be flushed down the drain with one vulnerability.

You have to be constantly monitoring & reviewing your safety measures. Hackers don’t stop changing their methods & evolving – neither should your safety.

Thankfully, with user roles, password verifications, & various other features, WordPress is built with safety in mind. To help your site stay safe & ahead of the curve, we also recommend using a plugin like Sucuri.

9. WordPress offers a robust eCommerce solution.

WooCommerce is the premier eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It launched in September of 2011, & approximately 41% of eCommerce websites across the internet currently use it.

It is designed for both small & large online merchants using WordPress. The base product is free, & many paid add-on & premium features are possible.

So, much like WordPress, you can customize the eCommerce platform to get the shopping cart your online business needs. Then, you can rest comfortably knowing it will integrate with your WordPress website.

10. Because WordPress is such a successful platform, it cooperates with almost every server.

With WordPress powering 75 million websites, hosting providers cannot afford to slack off when it comes to WordPress hosting services. This means you aren’t locked into a particular hosting provider.

You can buy around to find the ideal hosting partner for you. Plus, if you need to shift hosting providers in the future, the process tends to be easier with a WordPress site than with other platforms.

We recommend WordPress to our clients for these reasons & more. It’s a platform that makes day-to-day management easy, remains a cost-effective solution, & offers endless opportunities for growth.