W3 Eden is ideally suited for building high-performance applications that track, visualize, and control your business processes. These applications can support your people, integrate with your internal systems, and are easily extended beyond your corporate boundaries to accommodate suppliers or partners.


Gain control over user access. Support integrated security with organizational hierarchies, rule-based and dynamic workflow state-based security models. Single sign-on is supported with enterprise security directories, such as Active Directory.

Workflow and Notification.

Easily manage complex workflows involving multiple people, actions, forms, data, documents, and systems.


Automatically track all workflow changes (e.g. approvals and rejections), as well as field-level data edits, to ensure end-to-end auditing.

User-Friendly Browser Interface.

Provide your team with a look and feel that is familiar. W3eden ’s high-end interface (no downloadable controls) leverages the latest browser. External users have access from the browser of their choice.

User Interface Components.

Sophisticated web presentation is achieved with tab controls, context-sensitive menus, navigation trees for traversing hierarchical data, search controls for documents and data, filtered views, and result grids with automatic grouping.

Electronic Web Forms.

Simplify and automate data capture, approval, and presentation for users.

Document Management Tools.

Organize, search, control, track, and share documents stored in a secure, central document repository.

Business Intelligence Reporting Tools.

Harness advanced visualization capabilities. Easily view information maintained in the application or from external systems, spreadsheet models, databases, or data warehouses.


The problem with traditional software projects is that as the application complexity increases (i.e. data model and code base grow), the effort to design, build, test and support it increases exponentially.

W3 Eden has solved this challenge.

As application functionality increases, Pandell Liquid Intelligence maintains the same data model with only a small increase in code size to handle even the most complex business applications.

W3EDEN is the world’s first Enterprise Application Platform that unifies a solid SQL data model with.NET business components and user interface components to provide a complete application infrastructure. Since all the elements understand each other and understand the fixed data model, you end up with a fully tested enterprise-class infrastructure with built-in reliability and scalability with all elements highly optimized for performance.

Over 80% of the code Pandell deploys (even on our largest installations) is built into Pandell Liquid Intelligence, significantly reducing the effort and risk to design, develop, test, and support each business solution.


Customer Application Examples % PLI Code % Custom Code
Large-scale procurement application 82% 18%
Corporate Intranet Application 95% 5%
Community Learning Application 94% 6%
Client Management Application 90% 10%

Enterprise Integration

Individual applications deliver silo functionality Individual applications that work together provide business solutions.

W3 Eden solutions are designed from the ground up for simple, robust, flexible integration with your existing enterprise systems or your trading partners.

Integration with existing systems can be accomplished across the organization through web services, XML data transfers, or through traditional approaches such as updating relationship database tables, or flat file transfers.

Enterprise Quality

Providing the application functionality is only part of the solution. Enterprise Quality is the balance of the equation. W3eden has been architected, and field proved to provide enterprise-class security, reliability, scalability, and performance.


Paramount in our PLI technology is enterprise level security and auditing. All user access is securely authenticated, with single-sign-on supported with Active Directory, NT, or Netware environments. The security system built into PLI supports both hierarchical organizational security and role-based security.

All workflow changes (i.e. approvals and rejections), as well as field-level data edits, are tracked for auditing purposes. Workflow is fully integrated with the PLI security system, facilitating powerful features like: “Only executives can view and edit the budget, and once approved, all managers can view the budget.”


In today’s business environment, downtime is not an option. PLI supports essential characteristics such as rolling upgrades for zero-downtime, utilization of advanced code control and tracking utilities, an embedded event notification tool to alert our support group should issues arise, ensuring a proactive position for long term reliability.


To actually provide value, your applications must grow and support the demands of your business. Through the support of advanced web server scaling technologies (such as network load balancing), PLI scales to meet the demands of heavy concurrent usage and large datasets.


Users expect performance. If their searches are lightning fast, their interaction predictable, and their data protected, your organization will get maximum ROI on the application investment. PLI uses advanced data caching and optimization algorithms to provide high-speed performance – even under heavy load conditions.


W3 Eden utilizes open source technology, XML, and our service oriented architecture to deliver a powerful, robust, flexible enterprise application platform.

  • Web-based thin client technology
  • Extensible web services oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Optimized for IT systems integration
  • End-to-end application environment