W3EDEN ERP & CRM is offered you to provide a stable, an integrated and secure platform for business processes, at the same time it helps to have easy to coordinate your departments effectively and to take quick decisions with reliable data and ready for all upcoming challenges.

W3EDEN ERP & CRM as an ERP software solution since 2004, it delivers enterprise solutions in more than 16 countries around Europe with six different language versions. All facets of the business, including logistics, finance, customer relationship management, manufacturing, planning, capacity control, accounting, human resources management, sales, balanced score cards, purchase, Electronic Data Transfer (EDI), supply chain management, and marketing, etc.

With W3EDEN ERP & CRM solutions you can easily install and implement your enterprise services architecture to gain entire control and increase your operations flexibility. W3EDEN ERP & CRM provides highly efficient tools to improve & manage your business performance to increase competitive advantage quickly, reducing costs & gain the ability to react to changing business needs for your target markets.

W3EDEN ERP & CRM - Innovative Business Solutions

W3EDEN ERP & CRM Expanded ERP & CRM packet is designed and developed to supply the need for comprehensive and integrated software to gather data and work processes for the middle and large scaled institutions and companies, like supply chain management, production, sales, and purchase, under a unique structure and enable their control.

W3EDEN ERP & CRM is an evolutionary result of the software development activities since 2004. The most evident innovational properties of W3EDEN ERP & CRM Software Product are Platform Independence:

W3EDEN ERP & CRM software is database and operations system independent. Owing to %100 Java infrastructure, W3EDEN ERP & CRM can be executed in any environment where Java Virtual Machine is set up.

New Innovations with W3EDEN ERP & CRM

W3Eden Modules

Business Solutions, Applications, and Modular Structure
The modular structure of the W3Eden ERP & CRM System is ideal for the company development. Apart from the basic module hardware, successor modules can join the system when needed so that the companies can privatize W3Eden ERP & CRM System according to their own needs. In other words, IAS hardware and applications can be quick and gradual according to company's development process.

Here a list and summary of common modules and key features of W3Eden ERP & CRM collaborative applications following.

BAS - Check Tables and Basic Data
SYS - System Administration
WFC - Workflow Management
DEV - TROIA Software Development Tools
BOM - Bill of Material
ROU - Route Information Management
CAL - Product Cost Calculation
SAL - Sales Management
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
SRV - Service Management
EXP - Export Management
PUR - Purchase Management
VER - Invoice Control
INV - Inventory Management
QLT - Quality Control Management
MRP - Material Requirements Planning
PRD - Production Planning and Control
CAP - Capacity Planning
PRC - Production Costing
FIN - General Accounting
AST - Fixed Assets Accounting
BUD - Budget Management
COS - Cost Centers Accounting
HCM1 - Staff Management
HCM2 - Human Resources Management
MNT - Maintenance Management
DOC - Document Management
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
CLB - Collaborator Module
BSC - Balanced Scorecards